Thursday, 27 March 2008

A guilty pleasure?

This probably counts as a guilty pleasure. In the early 80s my girlfriend had three friends who shared a house and had regular parties. I used to make mix tapes for them; three C90s of the latest dance tunes. I figured after four and a half hours everyone would be too drunk to notice or care if the first tape went back on. One of the big hits at these soirees was the 12-inch version The Quick’s Rhythm of the Jungle. The standard version could be found on the album Fascinating Rhythm, an early 80s pop gem that I once had on tape but lost or broke years ago. I have also posted the B-side because it is more representative of the album’s sound. I waited in vain for a CD release but now the plan is to buy a second hand vinyl copy. This is fairly typical early 80s pop. If I had to compare it to anything it would probably be early Wham! It may seem odd now but it wouldn’t have been uncommon in those days for me to listen to these and follow them up with some Joy Division or Echo & the Bunnymen.

Sorry about the cheesy picture at the top of this post. The single came in a plain sleeve so I was going to post a picture of myself and friends at one of the parties but I bottled it.

mp3: The Quick - Rhythm Of The Jungle (12-inch version) (1981)
mp3: The Quick - To Prove My Love (1981)


Mickmas said...

Excellent ! i remember the Quick i have a copy of Hip, Shake, Jerk that has a much better (cheesy & embarrassing) picture of the Quick on the Cover.
Must dig it out and post it some time

Planet Mondo said...

Have you got the Spandau 12" of 'Instinction'? there's an 8 minute club/remix version of 'Chant No 1' on the B side which isn't available anywhere else.

I'm gagging for a copy

Mick said...

Unfortunately, my copy of Instinction is the 7” picture disc. Tell you what, the record fair that comes our way every month has a Spandau Ballet box that I’ve never looked at because I figured I already had everything I needed by them. I’ll check it out next time (26th April).

I've also got the follow up album in a cupboard somewhere. I only ever played it once or twice and didn't like it. I don't remember why and I haven't got round to 're-evaluating' it yet.

haywire said...

Hello, Mick
if you're interested in downloading the Quick album, fiftypercent posted it last month at his blog and the Rapidshare link is still active.
His web address is:
I've been enjoying your blog since I first stumbled on to it (I forget which link brought me here though). Many thanks for your efforts.

Mick said...

Thanks for the tip, Haywire. Now you mention it I have seen that post and made a mental note to download some software to open rar files but never got round to it. I’m on the case now.

Planet Mondo said...

You've gotta grab that Chant remix - I used to hear it in clubs all the time and it rates along side Human League's 'Love and Dancing' remixes and Soft Cell's 12"s as classics of that time

Mick said...

At these parties I used to include my own special mix of Don’t You Want Me starting with the instrumental version on side-2 of the 12” and ending with the single version using just the pause button and good timing. Amazingly many people said they couldn’t hear the join but it stuck out a mile to me. This mix was always the first song on one of the tapes so if I messed it up I could rewind and try again without ruining the end of the previous song.

Obviously I’ll let you know if I get that Chant remix.

Mickmas said...

Planet Mondo i have the Spandau Ballet Instinction 12" i shall post the Chant No 1 mix this week when i have time, or E-mail me and i-ll send it to you

EuropeCrazy said...

The Quick!! I remember buying the 7" version of "Rhythm Of The Jungle" in my local Woolies, haven't played it for years but yet again your wonderful blog has brought it all back. They should have been massive. Also remember them on a Radio 1 "In Concert" round about 1983. Fab stuff.

Mick said...

It was good pop music, europecrazy, and I'm surprised they didn't reach a wider audience.

For you Spandau fans mick has now posted Chant No 1 here

iain said...

love it!! and i'm now off to grab that spandau remix, which is THE NUTS :)

haywire said...

Hello again, Mick
Just in case you (or any of your readers) are still shopping around for a rar-file extractor, download a program called Extract Now. I've been using it for nearly a year now, and it's quick, simple and free (though the creator wouldn't mind a Paypal contribution, if possible).
Hope this helps.
cheers and blog on!

spencer kurash said...

Still looking for the Chant no.1 remixed version. Used to have the instinction 12" many years ago but this version appears to have been airbrushed out of history. Please somebody help and make an old man very happy!!

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