Thursday, 20 March 2008

Thompson Twins - Make Believe

It didn’t feel right posting a song I don’t really like so to make amends here’s a really good one from the same year. I’ve already posted a live version of this here but I’ve finally got my hands on the original single. From the days before the Thompson Twins were a trio it’s a great pop song with eastern influences and still my favourite.

mp3: Thompson Twins - Make Believe (Let’s Pretend) (1981)


Peewit said...

While I was here to comment on the rip rig and panic I might as well comment on this one as well. When I was at Uni the ENTs secretary was constantly putting the TTs on (in their original incarnation) but I didn't think I'd like them cause he (the ents secretary) was such a poser. I was eventually persuaded and I saw one of the last performances by the big band. Of course they were brilliant and I have forever kicked myself that I could have seen the band 10 or 11 times rather than just the once!

Mick said...

I know the feeling - if he likes it, it must be crap! You did better than me, though. I never got to see the band in any of its forms.

Kippers said...

That's terrific - so much better than the stuff they came up with when they went 'big' (so to speak).