Thursday, 7 February 2008

How could I forget this?

I’ve been listening to some old B-sides recently and this week the plan was to post one everyday but you all know how it is. This is one I had almost forgotten about. It’s the B-side of Games Without Frontiers and it’s an early more sparse version of the Start + I Don’t Remember tracks, which both appeared on the brilliant Peter Gabriel 3 album (still his best if you ask me).

I 'forgot' about this because I played it 28 years ago, decided the album version was better and then in my mind this became the 'crap' version. I played it last week not expecting much and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. In fact, I can’t stop playing it. The album version is still definitive, I particularly miss Tony Levin’s Stick parts, but there’s a lot to enjoy here. It would be ideal bonus track material but as far as I know it hasn’t appeared on any CD re-issue.

mp3: Peter Gabriel - The Start + I Don’t Remember (Early Mix) (1980)

The Start produced by Steve Lillywhite
I Don’t Remember produced by Peter Gabriel and Steve Taylor

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Davy H said...

Tee hee, I haven't heard this in years. Loved it almost as much as, and I think in the end perhaps more than, the A side. Nice rummaging there Michael.

Finchy said...

Thanks for posting this. Sounds more '80s than the album version. Also Gabriel's vocals sound like Robert Wyatt is some parts ("Strange is your language and I have no decoder.") I like this version too.

Mick said...

Rummaging I can do. Getting round to posting things with an even remotely coherent write-up is a struggle. I know things are busy round your way but I hope I get my Friday funk tomorrow morning.

All your observations are correct. The album version is more 'rocky'. I had so much more I wanted to say about this and PG3 but I was pushed for time and just wanted to get it out there.

Davy H said...

Paul Weller played on the album didn't he? I remember thinking that astonishing...(but good).

Mick said...

Yes Paul Weller did play on the album and it did seem astonishing at the time. The music weeklies were still full of their year zero nonsense at the time and it was unheard of at the time for them to give an ex-progger rave reviews, which to their credit they did. I wanted to cover this in the original post but if I had i'd probably still be writing it.

Davy H said...

Ah, Gabriel was always cool. Cool enough that, like Bowie, he escaped the Year Zero rubbish and got to be 'hip' post-punk...

JC said...

Eh...both myself and Comrade Colin from 'And Before The First Kiss' have gone previously gone public over our admiration for Mr Gabriel.

But he did kind of lose it in the 90s....and he can never be forgiven for his part in the Millenium Dome celebrations can he?

Anonymous said...

The link for this Peter Gabriel track "I don't remember" is currently set to private when clicked upon.

Can you please make it available again? I have been searching for this version for about 25 years or more... can't find it ANYWHERE - ARRRGH LOL

Please please please :)

Mick said...


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for making this track available again and thank you for keeping it in such good condition, too. I bet if I was to find a vinyl copy for sale, it would be in bad condition..

Your copy is almost perfect condition, thanks for preserving it and taking care of it and sharing it.

Hmm.. can't you tell I'm excited, to have a copy of this version after all these years? LOL

Cheer, mate, you made an old fart very happy :)

All the best,
Dale :)