Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Let’s hear it for the live b-side...

The live b-side is quite a neat idea. The presence of a live version of an old favourite just might convince a fan to buy a single even though he already has the a-side on the album.

This is Side 2 of the brilliant Revolt Into Style 12-inch single.

mp3: Bill Nelson’s Red Noise - Stay Young
mp3: Bill Nelson’s Red Noise - Out Of Touch

Recorded live at Leicester De Montfort Hall, 8 March 1979

Band Line-up:
Bill Nelson Guitar, Vocals
Andy Clark Keyboards
Ian Nelson Saxophone, keyboards
Rick Ford Bass
Steve Peer Drums

Get the solitary Red Noise album here.


Planet Mondo said...

Oh yes all for that

How about the Skids 'TV Stars' with that tip top chorus "Albert Tatlock"

Stiff Little Fingers - 'White Christmas"

And I'm sure the Stranglers had a couple too.

Mick said...

That Skids one was great. I know at least one person who got Into The Valley just for the b-side.

iain said...

Mick, you know how much I love this....
The Red Noise LP is perhaps the greatest New Wave album ever released, and certainly the most under-rated....
just brilliant.

Mick said...

Agreed Iain. What amazes me is the two singles from this album were probably the best of Bill's career (Be Bop, Red Noise or solo) but somehow failed to make an impact. I put a fair amount of the blame on conservative Be Bop Deluxe fans who couldn't move forward with Bill, and maybe new wave fans reluctance to accept what they saw as an 'old school' rock musician.

dave said...

thank you, what a gift