Saturday, 2 February 2008

You said you felt the earth move…it turned out to be the fridge

How could you not love a song with a line like that? It’s from I Know These Things About You by Neil Arthur of Blancmange fame. It was on his 1994 album Suitcase, sadly not currently available, but I got it from a CD given away with Vox magazine way back when. I came across it tonight while randomly playing songs from my hard drive and enjoyed it so much I just had to share it with you.

mp3: Neil Arthur - I Know These Things About You

Any Blancmange fans out there will love this. You will also be pleased to know I have unearthed a Blancmange live tape from the early 80s with six songs from the Happy Families album. They will be featured on this blog when I find the time to convert them.

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JC said...

One word.


Never even knew this existed.

Mick said...

...and it lay half forgotten with a pile of freebie CDs until a few years ago when I decided to go through them and copy the half decent ones onto my PC. I feel another 'rummage' post coming on...

Kippers said...

That is a great line. Ahh, there it goes now! Kudos to him - and to you for posting it. :)

friend of rachel worth said...

i though ti was the only person on the planet to have this cd!

Mick said...

As you will have noticed, Kippers, the whole lyric is good but that line's the funniest.

Friend of rachel worth,
It's never just you.

Richard Anvil's Modern English Fan Blog said...

Hi there,
If you are interested I have the whole album
plus the two singles B-sides and mixes available for download at my Multiply site.