Thursday, 28 February 2008


God you lot are hard to please! I give you a great Vicious Pink song and no comments? That’s it - I quit!

On second thought here’s the b-side; a dance version of Spooky. This was going to be a “three of a kind” post but to be honest the other version I was going to post, the Classics IV version, really isn’t very good despite being (I think) the original vocal version. Historical interest aside, I couldn’t be arsed to upload it.

Instead, here are two very different but excellent versions. The Vicious Pink version is speeded up and performed in a similar style to Fetish. The Dusty Springfield version sounds definitive to me.

mp3: Vicious Pink - Spooky
mp3: Dusty Springfield - Spooky (Buy)


Anonymous said...

Vicious Pink was one awesome band. I'd actually call Take Me Now their best song, but you got some real gems here.

Jenny said...

LOVE Vicious Pink!! Thanks for sharing this one I wasn't familiar with!!!

Mick said...

Thank you anonymous and Jenny. I was beginning to think it was only me...

dickvandyke said...

I'm here Michael - lurking in the shadows.
To go without comments makes them all the sweeter when they appear.

We all need a bit more Dusty in our lives.

I Am Not The Beatles said...

Hiya Mick, I've been looking for some Vicious Pink stuff to listen for ages - ever since I rediscovered the joys of the Remixxx of Ccccan't You See ( ).

Let me know if you want a copy of this - presuming you don't already have it - as it is equally fabulous.

All the best

Ian TB

Mick said...

Interesting one, Ian. I have previously posted two versions of 'Cccan't You See' on this post. If your version is different (and it sounds like it might be) I'd love to hear it.

Swollen said...

I agree with anonymous - Vicious Pink was an awesome band. I wasn't familiar with Spooky though. Thanks for posting!