Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Vicious Pink - Fetish

OK you older ones out there. Remember going out and buying a single, and I mean a real single, a 7 or 12 inch plastic disc, any single, maybe something you had never heard before but you felt adventurous, and getting home and playing it and being blown away? It’s something that only happened with singles. You could buy great albums but they didn’t give you the same instant gratification. Well, I got a hint of that feeling this weekend when I went to a record fair and bought a few items. With a couple of exceptions this is the first time I’ve bought vinyl for nearly 20 years. For the missus it’s a nightmare scenario – not only does she have records cluttering the house there’s now the prospect of the collection growing.

The record that caused all the excitement is the 12-inch version of Fetish by Vicious Pink. I missed this one when it was released but I knew roughly what to expect (and so would you if you remember this post). To recap, Vicious Pink started out as backing vocalists for Soft Cell, consisted of Josephine Warden and Brian Moss and they made great electronic dance records aimed at the club scene. The sort of band much more suited to the 12-inch format than 7-inch. Some 12-inch singles can outstay their welcome, especially in a non-dancing environment, but this one just gets better the longer it goes on – you’ll be glad the breakdown at five and a half minutes is a fake ending.

One word of advice:


mp3: Vicious Pink - Fetish (Extended Version) (1985)
Produced by Tony Mansfield Re-mixed by John ‘Tokes’ Potoker.

Having read Kippers’ humorous post about the searches that have led to hits on his excellent blog it is with some trepidation that I post todays tune…


Stu McPoo said...

Having only just come across this today, thank you thank you thank you for posting this. I had an MP3 of the edit version, so will be great to hear the extended mix again. Also, thanks for the b-side, I'd completely forgotten about that one...

entrailicus said...

Could the artwork be any more 80s?

Mick said...

err..not much. I still like big hair.

Glad you enjoyed them.

Amanda and Jeremy said...

Wow. I've been looking for an mp3 of this for a long time! Thanks.

crtayloratl said...

Only wish this group would have been around earlier so that they had Music Videos to go along with their Ground Breaking music. Did they (Vicious Pink - the group) ever make a music video for any of their songs? Do any exists?

PLEASE let me know

darkdance said...

Don't know about videos, but Vicious Pink was or were originally or alternatively Vicious Pink Phenomena. Their first "hit" was My Private Tokyo in 1982. Very new wave synthpop. I have the extended version on mp3 if Mick ain't got it and anyone wants to hear it.

P.S. to Mick, I saw your snap on that '07 post. You don't have big hair.