Thursday, 21 February 2008

Something from my soul-boy phase…

This one came to mind when reading londonlee’s slowies post last week. It’s one of those smooth soul songs that are too slow to dance to and a little too fast for a smooch but just…nice. Quite a good one for back at your place when you were trying to get the right ambience. These were the times when I kept my miserabalist electronic records under wraps (but I’ll post one tomorrow).

mp3: Sasss - I Didn't Mean It At All (1985)
Featuring Grover Washington Jr and Dexter Wansel


Planet Mondo said...

It's the sound of XR3s stretch jeans and slip on shoes.

Mick said...

Pretty accurate except...I was too tight to pay the insurance on one of those boy racer cars and drove a 'sensible' Nissan Cherry :((