Friday, 22 February 2008

How great is this?

The original album version of Angel Eyes which after initial pressings was replaced by the single version.

mp3: Roxy Music - AngelEyes (AlbumVersion) (1978)

Get it here


JC said...

I never knew that....its the original version I've got in the cupboard.

Saw Roxy Music at the Glasgow Apollo a short while after when they toured 'Flesh & Blood'.

Wish I had however seen them first time round, but I was just a kid.

Mick said...

I don't know the full story but back in the 80s my flatmate was playing his copy of Manifesto and it had the single/disco version. Not sure when the switch was made but he bought his copy in the 70s. I just listened to the Manifesto samples on Amazon and the current CD appears to feature the original version. I'm pretty sure the older copies of the CD featured the single version. Whatever, it's still great.

I went to the 'Flesh & Blood' tour too (Wembley Arena). Martha & the Muffins in support

Planet Mondo said...

It's the best version, no question

You can get some info via the Viva Roxy Site..

Have you checked out the 'Thrill Of It All' double DVD packed with loads of live and TV appearances - well worth a peep

londonlee said...

They also put the single version of 'Dance Away' on the album when that was a hit. It wasn't all that different, but still annoying.

The Vinyl District said...

Ah, timing. Just purchased a copy of this over the weekend...

Mick said...

Thanks for clearing that up PM. I have to admit that when I posted this (half drunk on Friday night) I thought my Roxy box set was still the only place you could get the 'rock' version. The DVD is on my shopping list. I'm counting on the price dropping after about 6 months.

As for 'Dance Away' I prefer the single version of that one. Again the box set features the original album version.

Planet Mondo said...

Mick - I haven't done a drunken post yet, will have to remedy that sharpish.

Here's another must have Roxy dvd (only £5 earth pounds too)

Roxy Music - Live At The Apollo all the greatest hits played just as you want to hear them

Here's the track list

Street Life
While my heart is still beating
Out of the Blue
Song for Europe
My Only Love
In Every Dream Home a Heartache
Oh Yeah!
Both Ends Burning
Mother of Pearl
Dance Away
Jealous Guy
Editions of You
Virginia Plain
Love is the Drug
Do The Strand
For Your Pleasure

And a sneak preview thanks to youtube

Mick said...

That's another one to add to the list. They've still got it, haven't they? This looks and sounds better than the 'High Road' video I remember from the 80s.

oh, and you really must try blogging pissed...

Davy H said...

I seldom do it other than...